Base Camp Store

What is the Base Camp Store?


Among the amenities at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing is the Base Camp Store, a small shop that carries camping gear, snacks, toiletries, and souvenirs. A few examples of our inventory include batteries, toothbrushes, flashlights, insect repellent, sunscreen, rain gear, trail snacks, socks, camping chairs, WAEL T-Shirts, and postcards. Participants will have two opportunities to visit the Base Camp Store: on arrival day and on the last full-day of their session. For multi-week trips, the store “travels” to participants out in the field as part of the mid-trip resupply.

While meals are of course provided by WAEL, we encourage extra snacks for your camper as both a quick-energy source and as a comfort-food to keep spirits high on those (actual or metaphorical) “rainy” days. You may have your camper arrive with snacks, send a care-package from home*, set up a care-package through the Base Camp Store, or simply give your campers a “Store Allowance” to buy snacks (and other products) for themselves. This allowance can also be used to allow your camper the opportunity to buy other Base Camp Store products (such as toiletries, gear, games, and souvenirs).

How Does the Store Allowance Work?

You can set an amount you're willing to allow your camper to spend on products at the store via check or credit card. Cash is acceptable, but not recommended. Based on your camper's pre-determined limit, WAEL will keep a running tab from arrival to departure of the purchases made on each participant's account. For allowances paid by check, WAEL will deposit your check upon its arrival and refund any balance over $5.00 not spent in the store. For allowances via credit card, WAEL will charge the total accrued tab following your camper's session. We typically recommend $15/week for snacks and an additional $30-$50 for non-food items; however, please note that this is a very general suggestion and that allowances often vary quite a bit from our recommendation. We encourage you to talk to your camper about your expectations in regards to spending—i.e. this amount for snacks, this amount for souvenirs—at the Base Camp Store. If your child arrives without all of the required clothing and/or personal care items, WAEL reserves the right to issue them from our store for safety or hygiene and is authorized to deduct the cost from your camper's pre-arranged allowance, charge your credit card, or bill you after the session at our discretion.