Camper Communication


Mail is delivered to the participants at every available opportunity. It is a good morale booster and we strongly encourage your cards and letters. To reduce homesickness, don’t write about things your child is missing back at home, and how much you and your pets miss your child. Instead, focus on camp and the fun activities your child is participating in. You may wish to include an addressed and stamped return envelope and pen. Mail should be addressed in the following way:

[Participant’s Name & Dates of Trip]

c/o WAEL

11176 Peaceful Valley Rd.

New Castle, VA 24127

NOTE: We accept mail that fits into standard envelopes, post cards, or any flat mailing envelope.

policy on Care-Packages

WHAT WE KNOW: Campers love to receive written mail from family and friends while they are “on trail”. Written correspondence creates excitement and, when done properly, provides a healthy connection to home. Please be sure to get your letters or postcards in the mail as the start of your child’s trip to be sure it arrives during their time with us.

WHAT WE DISCOURAGE: We discourage parents from sending items that could detract from their overall wilderness experience. While it is easy to imagine the joy your child might experience with a new toy or trinket (i.e. new flashlight, glow sticks, or trail game), the probability is higher that it could create a culture of “want” and competition among campers. Please do not send such items so that your camper can focus on the transformative experiences we have prepared for them.

WHAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT: We cannot accept care packages containing food of any kind or packages containing items not essential to the camp experience. If your package does not fit in a flat envelope or is somehow not essential, we are most likely to hold it until the end of your child’s session. If you have an item your child forgot and would like to send it to us, please call ahead of time so we can be prepared for it to arrive.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Base Camp Store has all the essential items your child might need: batteries, flashlights, hats, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. If there is something that your child needs that we cannot procure for them, we will certainly reach out to let you know. Our overreaching goal is to help your camper stay in the “here and now” of their camp experience.

Phone Calls

Due to the nature of our program and the all-outdoor experience we are promoting, adventurers will not be near a telephone to call or to receive calls. Please don’t tell your children that they will be allowed to call home—this just sets them up for homesickness. If you don’t hear from us, just remember, “No news is good news.”

When We Will Call You

If your adventurer is returned to Base Camp for illness, injury, or disciplinary reasons, we will contact you using the information provided to us on the “Health History & Examination Form.” Please make sure you have provided several contact numbers, including cell phone numbers, on that form.

Emergency Contacts

If you should have an emergency or other need to contact your adventurer please call the Base Camp at (540) 864-6792. Base Camp phones are answered 24 hours per day during our Adventure Camps. In the rare event that the phone is not immediately answered, please call back in a few moments, as we were most likely on another call. You may also contact our “Staff House” at 540-864-7965 in the event you cannot reach anyone.