You have been asked to refer an applicant to Wilderness Adventure.

Wilderness Adventure is an adventure camp and retreat program.  On our staff, the applicant would be responsible for the well-being, enjoyment, and instruction of youth ages 8-17 on all-outdoor expeditions for up to 3 weeks at a time.  After necessary training, he or she will facilitate team-building activities, back-country camping instruction, high ropes elements, canoeing clinics, and more.  He or she will also be expected to contribute to the support, maintenance, and hospitality of our varied retreat, expedition, event, and recreation programs.  He or she will join a staff of up to 30 other individuals, will live and work with others, and be expected to perform without direct supervision.

Thank you for taking the next Few minutes to Fill out this confidential Reference.

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Please consider the following statements and provide your impression of how it applies to the applicant. Keep in mind we are looking for the right people, not necessarily "the best." We strongly believe that all people have strengths and weaknesses - and we find that we get to know those of our staff fairly quickly by the nature of our program. We hope your responses will be candid and honest and we do not expect that you'll answer in the positive for all statements. All references are private and your responses will not be shared with the applicant.
After this survey, you may be asked to elaborate on your responses.
The applicant is a "people person": comfortable in large groups, makes conversation easily, intuits other's feelings well, likes and is liked by others
The applicant has a strong sense of personal responsibility: punctual, demonstrates preparedness, accepts direction, accepts consequences of his/her actions
The applicant has good judgement: can be trusted to maintain a standard without significant oversight, makes choices based on the safety and interests of others, has a clear sense of appropriate actions
The applicant has a great sense of fun: knows how to make the most of a situation, has a good humor, enjoys having a good time, gets into the "spirit" of things
The applicant is a hard worker: completes tasks without prompting, finds ways to contribute easily, works quickly, finds better ways to complete tasks quickly and at a high standard, consistent at doing great work
The applicant communicates well: addresses others confidently, clearly expresses him/herself, anticipates and avoids misunderstanding, asks questions and listens well
The applicant is respectful: appreciates diverse backgrounds and abilities, works well with others, recognizes the value in everyone, follows policies and direction, and approaches challenges and conflicts with professionalism
The applicant has a positive attitude: Moves forward from setbacks, strives for growth, doesn't dwell on negative situations and encourages others not to either, rarely or never complains, appreciates opportunities and shows gratitude outwardly
Would you trust the applicant to care for your children (if you have children, or if you don't).

Thank you very much for your time.