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There’s no better place to become part of a collective tribe, than Wilderness Adventure!

Current Available Positions - see descriptions below

Note: Though most of our positions are seasonal or summer-only, we do open up a limited number of year-round positions each year based on our organizational needs and an individual’s commitment to our four guiding principles: work ethic, attitude, respect, and communication.


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Our Mission

To facilitate outdoor adventure experiences that help build confidence, develop leadership, and involve loads of teamwork to get folks working and laughing together.

Our Philosophy


It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes a difference.  Through careful instruction and positive encouragement from our experienced leaders and activity instructors, participants are motivated to face challenges that require both teamwork and individual effort.  Our philosophy is “Challenge By Choice”: participants are encouraged, not forced, to attempt all activities.  Guiding with this philosophy in mind allows campers to try new challenges in a supportive and caring environment where they will be respected for their own thoughts and feelings.  In doing so, they are given the opportunity to try their hardest while not feeling terrible or dreadful if they need to back off or self-doubt becomes too much…an attempt at trying is greater than overall performance. 

Our Staff

As a business designed to create unique and successful experiences for a variety of ages, we believe that our staff members are the backbone of our organizational strength.  We believe that a strong, honest, positive, and enthusiastic personality is the bulk of what it takes to work in the field of Outdoor Adventure and Education at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing.

Our Guiding Principles

We’re not just looking for folks skilled in specific areas of outdoor adventure. We’re looking for people who embody our 4 Guiding Principles:

  • Work Ethic

  • Positive Attitude

  • Respect

  • Communication

Of course, a love for the outdoors is an absolute must but if you aren’t able to take responsibility for your mistakes and work together as a team, this isn’t the place for you. We are looking for staff members who are ok working with others…who are ok getting dirty, working hard, and celebrating their accomplishments as a team…carrying their own weight. We’re looking for staff members who want to push themselves to become better leaders, better learners, and increase their confidence when making judgment calls in difficult situations. We are looking for staff members who seek adventure on their days off…who want to learn from others and experience the same feelings as their participants often do when they are out of their comfort zones. We are looking for staff members who will always find the silver linings in tough situations.


Summer Adventure camp - Trip Leader (Summer)


Our Summer Adventure Camp is the foundation on which Wilderness Adventure was built and often considered the highlight of the year for our full-time employees. After completing our immersive,14 day staff orientation program, you and a co-leader will guide small, coed groups of participants on 1, 2, or 3-week backpacking-based expeditions throughout the surrounding Jefferson and Washington National Forests. Your focus, above all, is to uplift and encourage your participants to try new things, reach for new goals, and enjoy the process while creating lifelong friendships along the way. Teamwork and personal accountability are the roots of every successful adventure and your attitude as a leader will shape the experience of your group. Throughout each trip, you will teach Leave No Trace principles, facilitate high and low ropes, canoeing, camp cooking and more. Along the way, you will be met by our trained activity specialists who will lead your group through our high-adventure activities such as climbing, caving, kayaking, and mountain biking. During weeks you’re not on the trail, you will be assigned support, maintenance, and hospitality duties around basecamp.


  • Must be at least 18yo at time of hiring. 21yo+ preferred

  • Previous experience working with youth or adults

  • Strong Interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work independently without direct supervision

  • Must have a love for the outdoors. Backpacking or camping experience preferred

  • Current Wilderness First Aid & CPR certification. We will offer this certification each June for those needing it.


aDVENTURE Activity Instructors

Seasonal - Kayaking, Caving, Mt Biking, Rock Climbing

In addition to trip leaders for our summer adventure program, we are always looking for specially trained staff who are in charge of leading our high-adventure activities: climbing, caving, kayaking, mt. biking. These individuals must have advanced experience in one of these areas either recreationally or through work experience. When possible, we will have activity instructors go “out on the trail” as a trip leader for at least one session unless they are a returning staff member - it is important that all staff experience the role of Trip Leader in order to practice group management, develop strong leadership skills, and be able to relate to leaders as you work with them and their groups while on the trail. Activity Instructors will be trained in the policies, procedures, and techniques unique to Wilderness Adventure and will be trained in our specific use sites. If need be, we will provide any additional training that is needed to safely guide groups: swift water rescue certification, imba instructor certification, bike maintenance, cave routes and rescue, etc.


  • Must be at least 21yo

  • Intermediate - advanced experience in interested activity area

  • Valid drivers license

  • Ability to work independently without direct supervision

  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills

  • Current Wilderness First Aid & CPR certification. We will offer this certification each June for those needing it.

Group FACILITATORS (Spring - Fall)

Wilderness Adventure hosts groups of all kinds throughout the year in what we call our “Group Program”— primarily lodge-based clientele who typically come from middle & high schools, colleges & universities, corporate retreats, youth groups, and more. Visiting groups may stay with us for just a day or as long as a week and can vary widely in size. During their stay, participants are broken up into smaller activity groups and rotate through various activities throughout the day while returning to the lodge for meals and evening downtime. Our staff members are trained and assigned to these activity groups as Group Leaders who are responsible for facilitating all the activities we have onsite such as our high and low ropes courses, canoeing, climbing wall, tubing, etc. In addition to guiding these activities, Group Leaders will be assigned support, maintenance, and hospitality duties as needed.

During the summer months, Group Leaders transition to becoming Summer Trip Leaders for our Summer Adventure Camp - guiding groups of campers ages 9-17 on 1, 2, or 3 week backpacking adventures. Additionally, staff members who were hired as Summer Trip Leaders often stay on through the fall to take on the role of Group Leader with our year-round program.


  • See qualifications for Summer Trip Leaders

Kitchen - Head cook

Wilderness Adventure is a year-round facility that caters to groups of all sizes and needs. From visiting school groups of 40-60 students to corporate retreats and weddings, Wilderness Adventure works hard to provide our guests a memorable dining experience using fresh ingredients and healthy, delicious meals. We are seeking a Head Cook who will manage our kitchen and work with kitchen support staff to provide meals out of our commercial kitchen according to our yearly calendar and group schedule.

General Responsibilities:

  • Keep kitchen, walk-in fridge/freezer, and food storage areas clean and organized

  • Oversee menus and meal prep for all visiting groups

  • Oversee the purchase and storage of food ingredients

  • Manage kitchen support staff to ensure dining areas, drink service areas, and kitchen are kept fully stocked, clean, and organized

  • Work with Administrative staff and Directors to create kitchen schedules according to the needs of visiting groups

  • Work with other staff outside of the kitchen to manage the garden or even help around Base Camp with non-kitchen related duties during our slower season.


  • Experience preparing meals for large groups

  • Experience with safe food handling requirements

  • Ability to work with others and manage people respectfully in an often stressful environment

  • Impeccable organization, meal planning and budgeting skills

  • Friendly and accommodating hospitality

Leadership Training Program

Too young to be staff, but you still have a desire to be a leader?  Come spend your summer learning the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes in an adventure camp!  You must be a former or current participant and be at least 17 years old or a senior in high school. After successful completion of the week-long course, you will work the rest of the summer as an Apprentice. More information here.


Complete our Online Application - CLICK HERE TO APPLY

  1. Send a cover letter & detailed resume to

  2. Supply 2-3 References (Send to mentors, employers, teachers, etc. only. Please no friends or family members.)

    • Copy the link below. Send the link directly to your references to be filled out and submitted easily online.


*Applications not consider until all supporting materials received.*

Benefits to All Employees:

  • Use of most programming equipment (canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, camping gear, etc.)

  • 30% Discount in our Base Camp Store and access to pro-deals with major outdoor retailers

  • Housing in our staff lounge, private rooms, or one of our staff cabins.

  • All meals provided

  • Unprecedented leadership, managerial, and organizational skill development

  • Access to extensive alumni network for job opportunities around the globe

Folks seeking College Credit for Recreation, Outdoor Adventure, Hospitality  or any other fitting course of study can apply to WAEL in the same way as noted above.  Please be sure to include that you are seeking an Internship, what it is for, and any requirements associated with the Internship.  The WAEL Internship is the same as working as one of our Trip or Group Leaders, though we'll be happy to work with you to suit your requirements for time, projects, specific experience, and more!