Apprenticeship Program

Ages 17-18


Train for leadership

The Leadership Training Program (LTP) is geared toward participants who are aging out of our summer programs and/or those looking for outdoor leadership opportunities that will provide them with skills needed for future employment in the outdoor industry. This program kicks off in early June as LTP’s work with current staff to gain training in all aspects of being a leader here at Wilderness Adventure: how to build trust and provide leadership with in a group; how to set-up and lead our on-site adventure activities; risk management in the backcountry; equipment storage, organization, and maintenance; base camp logistics and operations.

Stay on as an apprentice

LTP participants who demonstrate a strong work ethic, positive attitude, good communication skills, and respect for their surroundings, may be invited to stay on as a leader-apprentice through the remainder of the summer and receive a weekly stipend with room & board, discounts on outdoor gear, and an opportunity to continue to grow as a leader in the outdoor field.


Leadership Training Program

Ideally, candidates for the LTP would arrive to WA by the start of our first summer camp session…usually the second week in June (13thish). During the first 2 weeks being on the property, LTP’s will get settled in their bunk room, meet their mentors, and begin the process of becoming oriented to all the responsibilities they’ll have here on basecamp: kitchen duties, food packing, equipment barn inventory and gear maintenance, etc. In time, LTP’s will get individualized training in group and activity facilitation on our climbing wall, high ropes elements, low ropes course, and zip line. From here, if they demonstrate positive growth in leadership and personal accountability, LTP’s will most likely have the opportunity to join in on our summer adventure trips as a 3rd leader to continue their growth and leadership development.

Most dedicated LTP’s transition very smoothly into their apprenticeship roll gaining invaluable exposure and experience into what it takes to become a Trip Leader.

Apprenticeship program

As an apprentice, you should probably expect to fill a wide variety of rolls around base camp. This means you might do everything from organize gear, pack food, shadow trip leaders and build trails, to wash dishes and make beds in the lodge. As the summer progresses however, and you demonstrate dedication to your work ethic, attitude, respect, and communication skills, you may be eligible to become an Assistant Trip Leader later in the summer.

Your Apprenticeship would begin directly after the LTP program and continue through the remainder of the summer. Most Apprentices work up until a week before school starts. A


Adventure Skills*

  • Backpack loading and fitting techniques

  • Climbing wall (knot-tying and belay certifications)

  • High-rope elements: facilitation, set-up, and rescue techniques

  • Low-rope team building initiatives: facilitation and debriefing techniques

  • Mountain bike maintenance and repair

  • Outdoor living skills: shelter building, plant identification, fire building, etc.

  • Zip-line tower operation

leadership skills

  • Group management: team building, facilitation, conflict resolution, etc.

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Clear and informative facilitation skills

  • Personal initiative and accountability

  • Leading with grace: understanding gender, religion, sexuality, and race in the outdoor industry.

Outdoor Industry Logistics*

  • Manual labor (trail building, brush clearing, gardening, etc.)

  • Equipment barn organization

  • Gear cleaning, storage, and maintenance

  • Backcountry food packing (HUGE job)

  • Various “duty” roles (shuttles, infirmary, kitchen, on-call)

  • Base-camp operations (kitchen duties, laundry, hospitality, grounds work etc.),

  • Trailer loading (kayaks and canoes) and trailer driving

*These skills are subject to change based on both our organizational needs and the competency of participants involved.

How do I become an LTP?

  1. CLICK HERE to fill our our online LTP Application.

  2. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email to inform you whether you’ve been invited to join us or not.

  3. If your application is approved, you will need to register online as you would if your were a camper. There is a $1000 charge to join our LTP program. This cost covers your training, food, & lodging for the summer. Should you demonstrate a strong commitment to our guiding principles (Respect, Attitude, Work Ethic, and Communication) and begin to assist with groups on the trail, you will begin to receive a $100 weekly stipend to earn back.